{Video} MV 101 Call For Beginners - Top Tips

In this 30 min video we cover some tips, ideas and best practices for getting the best out of using MV

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In this 30 min video we cover some tips, ideas and best practices for getting the best out of using MV:

  • Getting starting, not striving for perfection but getting it done and out there.

  • Creating a FREE resource area to attract people in to the start of an MV Funnel

  • Add in email and connect to create a powerful and robust system

  • Branding consistency

  • Use images, in your products and where you can use images

  • Using actions / automations in MV

  • Gamification, using gamification to keep customers engaged, on track and inspired. Discuss EP and celebration.

Unanswered Zoom questions:

Q: So if we can add files to MV, is there a space limit per account? If so, what is that?

A: Starting from April 1st all accounts will be unlimited so no space limit.

Q: Is there a training on pages? I'm very new to MV so I haven't read everything yet...

A: yes we have training on pages. You can find all our training on the new pages feature here

Q: I am confused re where 'learn more' takes the user

A: You can choose to use one or 2 buttons (or no buttons) rom your product settings. The 'learn more' page takes the user to an 'information page' about your product that you are selling.

So if this was a course product you had created and the user selects 'Learn more' that would take them to a page where you would write all about what they would be getting inside your course (essentially the 'sale page' type content).

To create your learn more page, from the MV dashboard you would go to the content settings of your product and go down to the section on the product settings page called "Product Description" and type your copy there.

Links mentioned in the zoom call:

Questions? Reach out to us at hello@membervault.co, via chat support within your Admin account (available to paid users), or connect with other users within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.

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