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How to Use "One-Click" User Login

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One of the founding principles of MemberVault is to have users log in to consume your content. That way, you can track what they do, sell them more stuff, and identify who is engaged, and who is not.

However, we understand that sending them to a login page can be an extra step between them and your content. To help with this issue, MemberVault has the ability to automatically log someone in from a link. We recommend giving them the login details AND a one-click link to log in.

The one-click link only works for users who already have an account created in your MV account.

Get Your One-Click Link for Products, Modules & Lessons

One of the biggest benefits of the one-click link is the ability to send your users directly to one of your products, modules, or lessons without them having to log in.

And we've made it quite easy for you to get the one-click link for any of your products, modules, or lessons.

Here are the steps to get the one-click link for a Product:

1) Go to your list of products and click on the 'gear icon' to the right of the product you want to share:

2) Once you've clicked the 'gear icon', a pop-up window will appear.

3) Select the 3rd link in the window - this is the 'one-click' link for the product that you'll want to share with your user(s) via email.

Important Note: If you have integrated your Email Service with your MemberVault account, the system will automatically pre-populate the required personalization tag for the user's email data as you can see in the example above. In this example, MV has pre-populated the correct Email Tag for ActiveCampaign as that is the email service that is integrated. If the account was integrated with MailChimp, the email personalization tag would be different.

If you use an Email Service that MemberVault does not currently integrate with, you will need to manually adjust the references to EMAIL in the one-click link to the personalization tag that your Email Service uses to populate email data. If you do not do this, the link will not work because your Email Service will not be able to replace the EMAIL references with each person's email address as intended.

How it Works

The one-click link is a customized URL that pre-populates the contact's email address as their username & password to bypass the login screen when the link is shared from your email service.

The template format of the one-click link for an MV account looks like this:

The 'AccountName' & 'Email' references in the link would need to be updated to reflect your MV account subdomain and your user's email address.

Each Email Service uses a different format for personalization tags.

For example, ActiveCampaign uses the format %____% - so the email personalization tag for ActiveCampaign users is %EMAIL%.

If we wanted to generate the one-click link for our MV Home Base account, we would customize the link as follows:


We recommend sending your users this link right after account creation.

While most sign-up integrations are instant, some setups might take a minute to tell MemberVault to create the account.

If the user clicks the link before the account is created, they'll get a failed login screen.

But it WILL work after the account is created. For this reason, you might want to add a short wait period before your welcome email is sent to new contacts.

This link will not work if sent by any other means than your integrated email service since the personalization data can only be populated from within your email service. Please do not use the one-click link in your personal email client, social media posts, etc.

If you wish to share a specific product's one-click link with a specific user in a personal email, please follow the steps in this article.

If a user has changed their password from their email address, the one-click link will not work as intended.

The user will be taken to the login screen and once they've logged in, they'll be taken directly to the intended product, module, or lesson you've linked to.

4 min video shows you how to use the one-click link:

Questions? Reach out to us at, via chat support within your Admin account (available to paid users), or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.

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