How to Show an On-Screen Celebration Using Actions
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We are thrilled to introduce on-screen Celebrations to enhance your users' experience!

Celebrations are a fantastic way for you to recognize your user's progress and show them that you are paying attention to their achievements.`

Here are the quick steps required to set up your first Celebration Action.

Start by going to the Actions section under the 'Users' tab.

  1. Open Actions and locate the product where you wish to include a celebration.

  2. Select the engagement milestone that should trigger your action under the 'When this happens...' column.

  3. Under the 'Do this...' column, select Show Celebration to make this a Celebration Action.

  4. A text area will appear for you to share a short message with your user so you can include some context around the celebration they are seeing.

  5. Once you've added your message, you can preview the celebration experience by clicking the "preview celebration" prompt below the text area.

  6. This will open your MV Site in a separate window and will display the Celebration you just created.

There you have it!
You've just created your first Celebration action! 👏

After previewing the celebration, you can always head back to your Action settings to adjust your message if needed.

A Few Extra Notes

The text area for a Celebration action is a simple text field that doesn't provide formatting capabilities. You can, however, include emojis or use the First Name personalization tag (%FIRSTNAME%) to display the user's name in the message.

The title for the Celebration (ie. Way to Go!) is static and cannot be customized at this time. With this in mind, we've tried to select a title that is, hopefully, fairly universal for the various celebrations you may create.

And yes, Celebrations do display on mobile devices! 📱

How should I use Celebrations?

Celebrations can be created for the following engagement milestones:

  • Earns X EP (under User Actions for account-wide engagement)

  • Earns X Product EP

  • Completes Lesson

  • Completes Module

  • Completes Product

  • Unlocked Bonus Product

  • Unlocked Bonus Module

Suggested Best Practices

  • Keep your message to under 200 characters to allow for the best viewing experience for your user.

  • Make a reference towards what is being celebrated as it may not be obvious to the user what they've just achieved.

  • Don't include coupon codes, etc in the celebration text as once it disappears there is no way for the user to then go back and reference it. That said, it'd be an excellent opportunity to say "check your email for a special bonus!" and include the coupon code there. <-- this email would be triggered using Actions as well

  • As fun as they are, don't overuse Celebrations! If you show a celebration for every completed lesson in your product, the celebrations will eventually lose their value with the user and no longer feel special. Be strategic about where you include your Celebrations to maximize impact!

Questions? Reach out to us at, via chat support within your Admin account (available to paid users) or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.

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