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Why do I have to complete a video introduction?
Why do I have to complete a video introduction?
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At Merit America, we believe in creating a strong connection with our learners. You, our learners, are at the heart of our organization, and we place immense value on building personal connections. We love getting to know you, witnessing your passion for this opportunity, and observing your dedication to transforming your life through a new, higher-paying career.

  • We genuinely want to meet you! Seeing and hearing from our potential learners allows us to get to know each unique individual who applies to our programs. It helps us understand your passion, dedication, and readiness to change your life through a new, higher-paying career.

  • We want you to see how it feels to be on video! In our programs, we emphasize collaboration and engagement. Through squad sessions and Zoom meetings with your Coach, you'll be required to be on camera. The video introduction gives you an opportunity to become familiar and comfortable being on camera, preparing you for these interactions.

  • We want you to be real world ready! Interviews and networking introductions are a common part of the job search process. Whether a job is fully remote or not, many companies conduct interviews using video chat software like Zoom. Consider our video introduction as valuable practice for when you embark on this exciting next phase of your career.

  • We want you to see your growth! At the end of this program looking back on this video will serve as a reminder of the growth and transformation that has occurred through your own hard-work, perseverance, and dedication. Take the time to remember how this moment feels before things change for the better.

Show up for your future self. We're here to help you build a path to success.

Our desire is for all of our applicants to succeed throughout the entire admissions process and beyond. We encourage you to show up as you are, wherever you are in your career journey. Check out these resources on our FAQ page, including: “How To Prepare for the video introduction: To Future You” and this professionalism guide.

We are looking for your commitment and best effort at taking this thrilling next step in your career journey. Relax, take a breath, and be yourself. We are so excited to meet you and support you throughout your transformative journey!

If a video introduction is not accessible to you to due disability please reach out to our admissions team at

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