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Direct Upload using Public form
Direct Upload using Public form

Gather UGC direct from the consumer via a form on any digital touchpoint.

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If you want to collect rights-approved user-generated content direct from the consumer via any of your digital touch points, then the Public Form from Miappi is the feature for you.

Using Public Form you can collect content from the user directly into a form on your website, app or other digital channel. You can configure the form as you want when it's placed onto your page. The form can be triggered from a button within a Miappi image gallery or from a button elsewhere on the page using a button of your own design. The form can collect the user's Pii data, text, images and videos.  

Read this supporting article to find out how to fully customize the form at the point of embedding it on your web page.

Specifically designed for our clients that are always interested in what their customers have to say, this feature maximises the opportunities to collect user-content and provides another way for your most engaged consumers to have their say.

Public Form lets you present your terms and conditions at the point of upload so you can get the appropriate consent every time.

This new feature can be found at the bottom of the Feeds page. To activate it, first click on Manage. Select to Enable the Public Form.

You can also export the data from the form entries directly via the Miappi Dashboard.

Having enabled the form, the client can see it appear on the embedded social wall positioned in the top left hand corner. Clicking on this tile initiates a pop-up form. 

Note: Our new Miappi update allows you to collect this content (both Video and Image) via an upload from the user's device as well as from their own Instagram and Twitter accounts. Miappi now also includes the option for multiple image and video upload.

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