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Miappi For Hootsuite
Miappi For Hootsuite

The app lets you pull user-generated content from one or more of your Miappi Profiles directly into your Hootsuite account

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The Miappi for Hootsuite app streamlines the task of getting your best user-generated image content from Miappi into your social media channels, ready to use when you create a new post.

To get started, create a new Post in Hootsuite, click on the Browse Your Media button and then select Miappi from the Content Library Images dropdown.

For the next step, you want to browse your available Miappi profiles and then click on the profile you want to get images from.

Finally, select an image from the Miappi image library. Write your message. Select the social media network you wish to post to and then finish by clicking ‘Post Now’.

NOTE: The Miappi app will let you browse and use any post that you have set to ‘show’ on the Miappi dashboard. We recommend that you use only the content for which you have the content creator’s permission. Use the Miappi Engage feature to ask for, and record that consent. To find out how to start using our Miappi Engage feature for Instagram, follow the link here.

For a step-by-step visual walkthrough of our new Miappi for Hootsuite app, watch the one-minute video below:

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