Use the “batch select” feature to mark-up as many posts as you wish, before selecting an action for those selected. With batch select, you can:

- choose to show multiple posts at once

- choose to hide multiple posts at once

- move multiple posts to a folder

- move multiple posts to trash

Here’s how it works:

  1. Begin in the Curate page and hover over the posts you would like to select, once you know what you would like to do with them.

2. Select the small tick box in the bottom right-hand corner of the post, and you will see a menu appear below, this will show you options for an action when selecting your posts.

You are able to choose as many posts from your selected content page, and then decide to either Show, Hide, send your pieces of content to our Trash Bin, or add them to a Folder/s. When working with Folders, you can read more on how to set these up here.

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