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The Curate page is where you see all of your content and where you make editorial decisions about that content. The Curate page shows you all of the posts on your profile going back in time as you click through the pages.

Looking at an individual post you will see a set of icons that let you fine tune what your audience sees. You can pin posts in place, show/hide posts, block users, and engage with users who have posted content via a hashtag. You can also add a call to action (CTA) to individual posts.

Show and hide posts

Use the tick/cross icons to show/hide posts. Hidden posts will be grayed out and will not appear on your published profile.

Call to Action (CTA)

Use the bullhorn icon to create a call to action for an individual post. Write a message, link it to another URL and save it. Add an image too if it adds impact to your CTA. The image will appear as a dropdown when an end-user hovers over the post.
For more information, visit our How-To article on creating your CTA here

Engage users

Use the Miappi Engage feature to get in touch with someone who has contributed content. Use this feature if you need to reach out to them and, for example, request permission to use their content for your wider marketing needs where it’s important to have clear legal usage rights.
For more information, visit our How-To article on using Engage here.
Disclaimer: Miappi recommend you use this feature for all hashtag content you wish to utilize. 

Block users

User the ‘block user’ option - a circle icon with a line through it. If someone is posting unsuitable material, you can ban them outright. Blocked can be reviewed on a sub-page of the Moderate option in the main navigation. You can unblock them from there if and when you want to.

Pinned posts

Use the pin icon to pin posts in place (you choose the position you pin them in). Posts can stay pinned for as long as you like. If you are running a campaign you might want to keep certain posts visible for longer. Pinned posts can be reviewed on the Pins page, a sub-page of the Curate page.


Use the folder icon to segment pieces of content for re-purposing, either to save this content to use at a later date or to collect particular content for embedding on another area of your website such as multiple product pages. 

You can have further control over how your individual Folders operate by both visiting the 'Advanced Options' at the top of the Curate Page where they are displayed or by visiting the Folder's tab in the left-hand menu.
For more information, visit our How-To article on creating your new Folders here


Use the handbag icon to attach pre-built product items to your content pieces. This acts in a similar way to our Call To Action feature. Shopper CTA images appear when a user hovers over the social media post. This feature is designed to augment the call to action by showing a shoppable pack-shot of a product seen in the social media post. 

To start building your product items so you are able to begin attaching these to your posts, navigate to the Monetize tab on the left-hand menu. Here you will be able to build a product by adding the Product Name, Product ID, Image URL/JPEG and a Text Link to the point of purchase on site.
You are able to create an unlimited number of products and attach a maximum of 5 to each social media post!  
For more information, visit our How-To article on creating your Monetize Products here.


Use the bin icon to remove any content you don't wish to see in your Curate page. If you'd ever like to retrieve a piece of content and undo what you have removed, or just to simply view what has been 'binned' then scroll to the top of your Curate page. Above your Keyword Searchbar and social icons, you will see an 'Excluded Content' tab. Here you will be able to see all excluded content and can even 'revive' posts if you'd like to start seeing them again and put them to use.

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