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How to integrate Miappi with Shopify
Display Settings
Digital Rights Management with UGC
Connecting Instagram
Troubleshooting Our Instagram Graph Connections
Will it work on my website?
How to Customize the Public Form
Why can’t I see my Facebook posts in my Miappi profile?
Where can I display my Miappi profile?
What social networks does Miappi support?
What is an API?
What is a Miappi Social Wall?
Display templates - minimum content
What content can I add to my Miappi?
What customer service do you provide?
Miappi API
Mixing Hashtags with your own content
Miappi Website Mode Formats
Installing the Miappi WordPress Plugin
How do I show my Miappi on digital signage?
How can I embed Miappi on my website?
Does it work on mobile websites?
Does it work on massive digital screens
Do you provide training?
Does it take long to add Miappi to my website?
Do I need to download any software?
Display Settings
Cancel account
Can multiple managers access our dashboard?
Can a Miappi iframe influence our SEO?
Approved Content Feeds
The Feeds Page
Adding Facebook Pages
Miappi Analytics
Hashtag content and UGC - how does this work?
Are there any privacy issues when sharing other people’s content?
Can I add user generated (UGC) content?
What is human moderation?
How frequently does the social wall update?
Can we moderate content to filter out unwanted posts?
Authenticated feeds - explain this?
If we lose Internet connection, will the social wall stop working?
Can I change how many posts are being shown on the screen?
Facebook Visitor Posts
Can I use Miappi for internal communications?
Can we set a particular date range that we would like to see content from?
Curate Search feature
How can I connect my Slack account?
How can I connect my Spotify account?
The Dashboard Information Panel
Why use Miappi?
Who is the team behind Miappi?
Why is Miappi the best choice?
How do we compare to the competition?
What is the partnership strategy?
Curate Page
How can I remove my content?