Miappi’s first to market advantage has been followed by continuous innovation. While other companies in the space remain focused just on the aggregation of social content, Miappi adds more value. Much more. While the beautiful visualization of content remains a fundamental part of what we do, Miappi’s advantage stems from the way we treat the content before and after its displayed as well as the from the level of support we offer our clients. Here's a selection of our great features:

Beautiful templates for websites and digital screen displays
Miappi Monetize eCommerce feature
Embeddable Folders for multi-page applications
Miappi Inserts - adding social content to email and advertising
Miappi ImageScan - computer vision for faster curation
Sentiment analysis
Boolean rules text analysis
Duplicate detection
Location based (Geo) content
Miappi Engage - content rights management
Advanced analytics and performance measurement
Design and personalisation tools and templates
Human moderation services
24/7 support

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