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How can I connect my Spotify account?
How can I connect my Spotify account?
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Miappi is the perfect tool to connect your social media accounts and make the most out of them.

Along with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and every other social network out there our platform Miappi allows you to connect with your favourite bands and artists! All this is possible with the Spotify integration.

Connecting your Spotify has never been easier. Navigate to the feeds page (a sub nav under 'Curate'). Choose "My Feeds", select the Spotify icon and click Connect. The pop up will guide you through a quick set to authenticate your Spotify account.

Once your Spotify account is connected and authorised you can start adding artists' accounts and curating the content.

If you do not have a Spotify account or you forgot the password for it and now you can't access it don't worry! You can still add artists' accounts under "Other Feeds" by simply pasting the Spotify URL of an artist of your choice and clicking "Add".

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