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How can I connect my Slack account?
How can I connect my Slack account?
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Miappi is the ideal tool to help you promote employee engagement and advocacy. A Miappi social wall can be created within just a few minutes, ready to help employees tune-in to your company culture and conversations.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to use Miappi's Slack integration. Using Slack within Miappi you can display conversations and project updates to ensure staff and stakeholders are always kept up to date with key messages.

To connect Slack to your dashboard, navigate to the Feeds page (a sub nav under 'Curate'). Choose "My Feeds", select the Slack icon and click Connect. The pop-up will guide you through a quick set-up to authenticate and connect your Slack account.

Once your Slack account is connected you can start curating it, adding one or more channels. When the content from all your chosen channels arrives on the Miappi Curate page you can curate it manually or automatically by setting up rules on the Moderate page.

Click "View" and enjoy your beautifully customized social wall with your most valuable Slack content.

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