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Curate Search feature
Curate Search feature
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When you visit the Dashboard's Curate page you will be able search that content in a number of ways. By clicking on 'advanced' you will reveal various filters that you can use. But even before you do that you can use the Search field to explore the content for things that you need.

By default we match the keyword against the username, text and source fields, so entering: 'hello' by itself would try to match this against username, text and source. In other words, entering 'hello' in search will search all the posts for the word 'hello'.

Additionally you can search the indexed fields by the field name using this format: field:keyword

For example suppose you wanted to find only image posts, you could enter: type:image Or if you only wanted to see Videos you could do type:video, or if you wanted to search by source you could use e.g. source:instagramstream

Additionally you can combine filters, for instance you might want all the image or video posts only in which case you can enter: type:image OR type:video

Or you might want videos that also have a keyword in the text field, therefore you could do: type:video AND text:hello

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