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Can we moderate content to filter out unwanted posts?
Can we moderate content to filter out unwanted posts?
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Absolutely. The ability to curate and moderate your content is at the very heart of what Miappi does. All of your content will arrive in your dashboard. You can then simply allow the same content to be displayed on your social wall. However, if you prefer (and most customers do!) you can apply any number of different filters that ensure only the best content makes it to a screen where the end-user will see it.

Content can be automatically hidden (greylisted) and when you have time you can then go through posts by post and selectively approve the content you like. Alternatively, if you are an Enterprise customer you can ask Miappi to do this moderation on your behalf. Our in-house team of moderators will take the strain for you for as long as required.

If you budget doesn’t run to our Human Moderation services you can still make the job of moderation much easier using our AI moderation features. Use the Rules Engine to interrogate each post for particular words. Let our ImageScan technology review each image for key attributes before showing or hiding it depending on the rules you set.

However you decide to moderate your content Miappi has all the tools you need to make sure your social wall is pitch perfect for your audience.

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