Update Frequency is an important part of the Miappi offer. For live or event based use, all feeds are updated as fast as possible. That means as content is posted at your event it will be featured on your wall with minimal delays. The exact update speed varies on the network. 

Twitter: This feed is set to update your owned content every 5-10 minutes in batches of 50, but hashtag content collected will be updated almost immediately within the curate page of your dashboard.

Instagram: This feed's owned content is set to update and arrive within your dashboard every 3 minutes. Hashtags from this feed will, however, arrive and update every 10 minutes in batches of 50. 

Facebook: Content from your owned Facebook accounts and Facebook Pages will be updated every 15 minutes in batches of 50 (Please note we are not able to collect hashtags from this feed). 

YouTube: Feed content videos will be updated every 10 minutes and hashtag content from this feed will be collected and updated every 15 minutes in batches of 50. 

Pinterest: This will collect owned content every 10 minutes in batches of 50 (We are not able to collect hashtag content from this particular feed).  

Once this content has arrived within your dashboard and is set to 'Show' by a moderator, this content will appear immediately on either your Website Widget or Screen Display. 

If you do need your content to be updated quicker so that it is ready to arrive within your dashboard in almost real-time for e.g. event days, then please get in touch with your Account Manager so we can label you as a limited time priority. 

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