Miappi provides analytics to give you insights into how, where and for how long your content is being viewed after it has been embedded on a website. Here are some key metrics and definitions to help you understand and interpret the Miappi Analyze page.


This is the number of unique users viewing the page(s) where your Miappi profile is embedded, within the time period indicated.

New Users

The number of users whose session was marked as a first-time session.

Page Views

The total number of page views for your Miappi profile. Users don’t need to interact with your Miappi in order for it to count as a page view, they just land on a page containing your Miappi social wall. Repeated page views are counted.

Unique Page Views

The number of different (unique) pages within a session. This takes into account both the pagePath and pageTitle to determine uniqueness i.e. the number of pages seen at least once on your Miappi social magazine. That could mean the Grid view page, Masonry view page or any one of the individual social media feed pages.


Any event when a user scrolls up and down within the Miappi profile.

Unique Interactions

This records the number of unique users to scroll around within your profile. This figure will almost always be much smaller than that for ‘Interactions’.


An aggregated number of all the posts brought into your Miappi social media profile, including #tag posts.

Hashtag Posts

The number of hashtag posts brought into your Miappi profile.

Posts by Type

Shows all posts broken down by network and hashtags.

Pageviews by Device 

Shows all pageviews broken down by device: desktop, mobile and tablet.

Top Posts by Pageviews

Shows the top 10 posts, ranked by pageviews.

Google Analytics 'Session' definition

A session is a group of interactions that take place on your website within a given time frame. For example a single session can contain multiple screen or page views, events, social interactions, and ecommerce transactions.

Google Analytics 'User' definition

The Users metric shows how many users viewed or interacted with your content within a specific date range. Google Analytics uses two different techniques for calculating Users for different kinds of report requests. As a result, there can be discrepancies in Users in different reports.

*Analytics applies on to your Website Miappi profile. It does not apply to Miappi Events mode.

Google Analytics tracking Code
Miappi offers analytics powered by Google Analytics. This gives you visibility of certain metrics within the Miappi dashboard. If you add your Google Analytics Tracking Code to the Miappi dashboard (Added to the GA field on the Customize page/Advanced Options) then tracking events are duplicated and sent to your GA account so you can inspect / drill down / grant access to third parties.

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