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The Feeds Page
The Feeds Page
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We define a ‘feed’ as any source of social media content that can be accessed via the social network APIs. A feed can include your own social media content, third party social media content from other public sources and hashtag conversations created by users (User generated content or ‘UGC’).

The Feeds page lets you add and remove ‘Feeds’, the key components of your Miappi profile. We consider Feeds to mean:

  1. Your own social media accounts

  2. Other, public, social media profiles

  3. User generated conversations (UGC) around hashtags.

On the My Feeds panel on the Feeds Page you can add your own, authenticated social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.). In the case of Facebook you can also add Facebook Pages.

Adding your own feeds is easy. On the My Feeds Panel just click the network icon for the account you want to bring into your social wall, then click the Connect button. A pop-up window from the selected network will open and ask for you to grant Miappi access to the feed, click yes.

Other Feeds

Add ‘third-party’ content from other social media pages (as long as they are public). Under Other Feeds you can add a team member's Twitter account for example that might be relevant for your Miappi, thereby incorporating their content into your social wall.


Unlimited hashtag allowances allows you to collect user generated hashtag content from Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Read more on the steps of how to connect your social media feeds, by referring to our quick and easy tutorial video

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