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Its one thing knowing what's been said but it's another thing understanding how something has been said. As humans we often take it for granted that we understand the sentiment and intent behind written words but we can only ready so fast and when you have to moderate content quickly and at scale you need a helping hand. That's where Miappi Sentiment comes in.

Miappi Sentiment as another feature within our AI suite of tools. Along with TextRules and ImageScan it is designed to make content curation faster.

Miappi Sentiment analyses all of the social media posts pouring into your dashboard and puts those posts into categories based on rules you set. You can tell Sentiment to Show or Hide content or Add to Folder depending on what the sentiment is.

How to use Miappi Sentiment

To use Sentiment go to the Moderate page and click Create Rule. Give the rule a name and add a Condition. Click on Post Text and then select Sentiment from the Dropdown. Then choose from Positive, Negative or Neutral.

Apply the rule to Website, Display or All and then set an on-match action (Show, Hide, Add to Folder)

Click Save at the bottom of the screen and the rule will starting scanning content and looking for matches.

Note. If you change the rule Condition at any time use the 'Recheck' feature to apply the revised rule to the content.

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