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Approved Content Feeds
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On the Feeds page you can pre-approve individual social feeds to ensure that content from these accounts is automatically set to 'Show' on the Curate page. Essentially, approved feeds skip the moderation settings you have configured and surface their content on your Miappi page straight away, saving you from having to approve post after post from a social stream you know you can trust.

Approved Feeds should be linked to trusted accounts whose content you're pretty much always happy to have appear on your social wall. If there’s the occasional piece of content you’d prefer not to appear on your hub you can choose to simply ‘Hide’ that post (by clicking the eye icon as it appears on the post). Ultimately, this tool is designed to make curation of your Miappi easier and keeping everything bang up to date.

How do I approve feeds?

First, navigate to the Feeds page which can be found as part of the Curate sub-menu on the left of the dashboard. Once there, you can approve content from trusted feeds to appear on your social wall by toggling the circle (to the right of the tick symbol) from red to green. 

Accidentally approved a feed? Not a problem! To revert a feed to being unapproved, toggle the (now green) circle back to red. All content from this account will now be subject to your moderation settings and personal curation.

You can make further adjustments to what's seen on your social wall using the Moderate page.

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