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Display Settings
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You control how your content appears when you display it on any large screen (a DOOH screen or internal LCD screen for example). Using the Display Settings page you can control:

Animation Styles:

  • Select how your Display social wall looks as it transitions between one set of posts to another.

Number of tile rows and columns:

  • Decide what size grid you’d like your content to appear in, by default this is set to 3 x 3. (These settings are only available on our Slide and Grid templates) 

Spacing between tiles:

  • How close your Display tiles appear to one another. (This setting is only available on our Slide, Grid and Glide templates) 

Frequency of tile changes:

  • How often the grid transitions between one set of posts to the next.

  • Frequency and duration of pop-ups posts

  • Frequency and duration of full page adverts

  • Video autoplay settings 

Source of the data being displayed:

  • Who said that? Display the original poster’s name, handle and profile picture on text based content. 

As standard, Display mode features Miappi branding (a footer and a full screen advert that runs periodically). Enterprise customers have access to a white label version of Display mode and can upload custom headers and footers.

If you'd like to unlock white label display mode, please contact us to find out more.

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