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How do I show my Miappi on digital signage?
How do I show my Miappi on digital signage?
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To show Miappi on a digital display screen you’ll need to do two things.

  1. Use a digital screen that has an internet connection and a browser. That might be a browser integral to the screen or via a connected device. We test most thoroughly on PC and Mac running Chrome and Firefox but our software has also been used extensively on solutions using Ubuntu and Chromium.

  2. Within the Miappi dashboard you have two options for how your content is displayed. Website and Display, the latter especially formatted for digital screens. On various different pages you can click on Display and then 'View'. Clicking View will open a browser window and show your content in the best way for digital signage or DOOH screens. (You can change your display template in Settings).

Miappi has a wide network of digital display partners to help you with particular signage executions. Please get in touch with one of our account managers for further details and assistance. 

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