The Miappi Dashboard offers you the functionality to change how your social wall looks when it's embedded on a website. 

By default your social wall is configured to show the 'masonry' view. That opens the posts up and arranges them like a brick wall. Masonry view is well suited to displaying content (especially that which is image-based) of varying size and tends to look better when you embed your profile at the full width of the page.

If you want a more symmetrical view of your social content you can change the default view from within the Embed page of the dashboard by selecting 'Grid' from the 'Starting view when embedded' option. This view gives you evenly sized squares arranged in a grid. The grid is useful if you are embedding the social wall at a small size, in a side bar for example. For profiles more abundant in visually stimulating content like photos and videos, our Lightbox and Collage templates will help accentuate and promote these pieces of content and create an even more aesthetically pleasing effect.

To change the background image and colour scheme simply click the Customize tab on the left hand side menu and start getting creative! To preview any changes you've made, click the 'Live' button on the top left of the page to give you an idea of how your social wall will look.

N.B. Be sure to save changes often when you're playing around with different design ideas!

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