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Mixing Hashtags with your own content
Mixing Hashtags with your own content
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All customers can incorporate user generated hashtag content into their Miappi social walls.

To add hashtags, you'll first need to navigate to the Feeds tab on the dashboard which can be found under the Curate sub-menu. Once there you can add the hashtag from which you would like to start collecting content by scrolling down to the panel labelled '3. Hashtags' and simply typing in the tag you’d like to stream into your social wall*. This will immediately start collecting hashtag content from Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Tumblr networks. 

If you navigate to the 'Customize' tab in the left-hand menu, and scroll down until you see 'Advanced Options', you can choose if the collected hashtag content is mixed with your official content on your embed/display by toggling the option 'Include Hashtags' in the 'Extra Content' panel.

Before you say 'yes' to mixing your content keep in mind that hashtag content may well drown out your owned content if it’s a popular/trending tag.

It's also worth noting that you can control what hashtag content appears on your social wall from the Curate and the Moderate pages.

Currently we support hashtag content posted on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Following changes to their API, Facebook hashtags are not supported.

*IMPORTANT TO NOTE: You don’t need to include the '#' symbol when adding your desired hashtag. E.g. For '#Miappi', you just need type 'Miappi' in the Hashtag text field. It's also worth noting that hashtags are not case sensitive.

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