At Miappi, we recommend that you seek consent for any piece of UGC you plan to display both via Miappi or elsewhere in your marketing. Most of the time people that have said positive things about your brand on social media are only too willing to give you explicit consent to use that content.

Requesting permission to use UGC in any marketing campaign has never been easier than with Miappi Engage, our Content Rights Management tool. 

Here's a quick guide of how to use Engage with Twitter content.

Once logged in to the Miappi dashboard go to the Curate page. Find a Twitter post that you'd like to use, hover over this post and find the paper plane icon.

Click on the icon and write your message, you'll see a preview of the message appear above. If you want to save time you can also click on Saved Messages to add one of our preset messages or even create and save your own!

*Read more on how to generate your saved messages by visiting our article here*

Now add a link to the terms and conditions you want the contributor to read and agree to. 

Once you have viewed the message and are happy with it, you are able to send this message in two ways:

Public Tweets

If you would like to send this message publicly on your Twitter timeline including the users @username, select Preview and then Send.  They will be able to respond to your request through either a #YES response or a #NO response. This can be edited in your message above.

Engage Link

If you would prefer the message to this particular user be private, select 'use link' in the top-right corner. Once you select Preview and Create Link, this will generate a message for you to deliver to the user in their Direct Messaging. You will be able to see a button option to Copy Message.

Now you have copied this message, click on the @username of the user in the Engage preview and access their messaging through Twitters online site for sending.

Through this generated link, the user will have the option to either Approve or Decline your request.

After this pop-up is closed, you’ll notice how the Miappi Engage icon has changed from white to one of the 4 colours below: 

Orange: Your message has been queued and is waiting to be sent.
Blue: Your message has been sent.
Green: (only when requesting permission for content): Your request has been approved.
Red: (only when requesting permission for content): Your request has been denied

To search all engaged content depending on its status, visit the very top of your Curate page and select the Engage feature (paper plane icon) under 'Advanced Options'. If you hover over the icon you'll see a drop-down with all the different statuses an individual piece of content is on.

As soon as your rights-requested piece of content is approved, the image will also appear as highlighted, indicating that it is ready for you to use!

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