We’ve receive many request to allow uploading more than 1 previously recorded video from your camera roll to #Acapella and we’d like to share why we do not currently provide this option.

One incredible feature of Acapella is the ability to listen to a previously recorded video (or uploaded video) while recording.  This allows musician to ensure that the recorded video is in sync with the others, creating a finished video that is harmonious.

If we allow multiple video uploads, it increases the risk the videos will be out of sync because users will need to upload the individual videos and manually sync them.  Based on all of our tests, this is not a trivial task. 

We believe the recording method provided in Acapella is optimal but If you would like to try uploading multiple singing videos, download our other app called PicPlayPost.  Record two individual videos separately with your native camera on your device and load them into individual frames on PicPlayPost.  

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