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#Acapella How Can I Create a Video with More than 9 Grids
#Acapella How Can I Create a Video with More than 9 Grids

I see other Acapella Posts with more than 9 grids. How did they do that?

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Currently Acapella only supports recording up to nine grids. So that's nine grids of just you or eight other collaborators and you. Our amazing community as creative as it is taught us how to go beyond that! By using the importing of a previously recorded video you can break the nine grid barrier. You can only import one previously recorded video to use as a guide for each new project. To begin first select a ratio/layout that can easily fit into one of the Acapella layouts like the square 1:1 nine grid if you want a lot of people in your final recorded video. Create that first Acapella recording and save it to your device's camera roll. Start a new project in Acapella and select a layout like the one in the recording image shown below. To import a previously recorded video select the import button circled in red below (you must sign up for an in-app subscription to use this feature). 

Select the Acapella recording you just saved to camera roll to import it and the menu below will show. Press the green checkmark button to add your video to your new project.

Once imported tap on another grid to begin recording with the newly imported video

If you want to get even more creative, you can download our other app PicPlayPost here to combine two videos in a collage to have even more people as your initial guide video

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