To listen to music while recording you will need to use the Metronome/Music menu in the recording screen. Acapella is a performance platform so while you can listen to music to help guide you, the song selected will not be added to your final video. To begin you will need to first save the song to your device's Apple Music library and download it to your device, use this link to learn how to Import Music. Also make sure you are using headphones before entering this menu and before recording. Select the "Metronome/Music" button circled in red below:

Select the song selection tab at the top circled in red below:

Tap the "Select" song button circled in red below:

Select the "My Music" option below and find the song you added and select it:

You can adjust the start time of the song by dragging the timeline and using the "Set Start" button: 

You can also adjust the volume of the song when playing or turn it off using the volume slide control and switch:

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