Purchases you make in Acapella (or any app) is associated to your Apple ID. Your Apple ID is unique and is NOT linked to your Acapella account. Signing into your Acapella account will not automatically unlock your purchase. Even if you restore purchase, the premium features will not unlock unless you are signed into the Apple ID that was used to make the purchase.

If you recently upgraded to a new device or you downloaded Acapella on another device but cannot access subscription.

Please try restoring your purchase. Click here to learn how.

If restoring does not work, please verify your Apple ID. In order for the restore function to work, you will need to sign into the Apple ID you used to make the original purchase.

To verify, please see below:

  • Click on the Apple Settings App

  • Click on iTunes & App Store

  • Click on Apple ID

  • Select Logout

  • Open Acapella and try to restore again

  • Input Apple ID

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