Here is a quick guide to understanding how to navigate each page.

SETTINGS: Edit your profile, collaboration setting and push notifications

MY PLAYLIST: Click listen not to listen to the creators customized playlist

FEED: Content posted by your followers

DISCOVER: Trending videos

ACTIVITY: Notifications of likes and comments made by your followers, who followed you, and collab requests

PROFILE: Your profile landing page

Wave signal: Click here to access your Acapella radio feature. Create a playlist to listen on the go.

Info (circle i, top right): Find Acapella version number, help center (FAQ), contact us, upgrades, microphone settings

Join Collaboration: Trending collaboration videos you can join

Record New: Start a new project

A: Play button to preview project

B: Adjust volume, panning, reverb, echo, EQ and processor tool. Also save audio only

C: Filters

D: Change background and color

E: Add text or image watermark

Tap on a grid to start recording.

F: Input/output button. Change input gain, turn on monitor, adjust metronome/guide track and video volume.

G: Access metronome menu and select guide track

H: Recoding sound quality. Select between 128 kbps and 256 kbps

I: Import video.

J: Expand the recording grid

K: Enter a caption or description of your performance. Add hashtags to help your video get discovered

L: Tag a song

M: Select Public if you want your video viewable by anyone on the platform

N: Select Private if you do not want your video viewable by anyone on the platform. You can send a link of your project to share.

O: Select Collaboration if you want to send your project as a collab

P: Your Acapella account

Q: Share destination. Swipe left to discover more options.

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