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Adding a Student to your Classroom
Adding a Student to your Classroom

How to add a student/s in your classroom

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(Note: This article goes over tips on adding a couple of students to an existing class. If you’re looking for instructions on adding all of your students to your class, go here.)

To Add a Student

There are 2 ways to add your student/s in your class:

A. Copy Sharing URL:

  1. Click the 'Copy sharing URL' button.

  2. The invitation link will be copied into your clipboard.

  3. To share with your students, paste it into an email or Google classroom.

B. Manually adding your student/s:

  1. Click the 'Class List' button.

2. At the bottom of your class list, type in your student's First Name, Last Name,

Email address, Select a classroom and set a temporary password (as pointed by

the pink arrow below).

Note: You may enter any password that is needed for the manual sign-in (6 characters). This is only used when logging in with the Mosa Mack account, if students cannot login in with Google. (For Students: Joining your teacher's class)

3. Click the 'Create' Button and your student should already be in your class. Please

make sure to click 'SAVE ALL' after you're done.

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