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Using Mosa Mack in a Homeschool
Using Mosa Mack in a Homeschool
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Step 1: Create a Classroom. On the Mosa Mack home page, go to “My Classrooms”, click “Add Classroom”

Step 2: Write the class name and select the unit(s) you’d like to assign to your child. Press Save. Tip: You’ll be able to add/remove units at any time.

Step 3: Add your child.

Click the “Class List” button.

Enter your child’s first name, last name, and email address. Create a password for your child that is at least 6 characters. Click “Create”, then “Save All”. Tip: This is an easy way to add 1-2 kids in a homeschool setting. If you have more than 1-2 students per class, use these instructions.

Step 4: Have your child log in. Tip: If your child is logging in from the same computer as you, please be sure to sign out of your account before your child logs onto their account.

  1. Your child will go to and click “login”

  2. They will enter the email address and password that you’ve created for them.

  3. They can begin interacting with the lessons that you’ve assigned.

Other Helpful Tips:

  • If at any time you need to change, or adjust your child's email or password, click the "Class List" button or click the "Action" button and select "All Students".


You can assign lessons from many places!

A. Assigning Units from "My Classroom"

Step 1: Click 'Settings'

Step 2: Select the ‘Assign Units’ tab

Step 3: Select the unit you'd like to assign

B. Assigning Units from The Library Page

Step 1: Go to the "Library" page

Step 2: Click the arrow.

Step 3. Click which lessons you'd like to assign to which classes. You can choose to assign all lessons or specific ones. Press "Done".

Step 4: You're done! When your child logs into their account, they'll automatically see the lessons you've assigned.

C. Assigning Units from Inside the Unit

Step 1: Go to the unit you'd like to assign.

Step 2: On each page, you'll see a green "Assign" button.

Step 3: Click this button and follow the instructions above for step 3-4.


To control your class settings and customize what your child sees, this great article would show you how: Customize which lessons and steps your student sees

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