For the teachers that turn students into clinicians,
Muru is truly your app.

At Muru, our goal is to help providers access what they need to make the best clinical decisions in the field. This means getting all the information in one place and then making powerful software so you can get back to the patient in seconds.

Our team is made up of NY medics and engineers so it means a lot to us that you are reading this. We know it sounds cheesy but we are honored that you are using this app.


  • Everything is from official sources, nothing off the web or by user reporting

  • We have an entire team making sure the data stays up to date

  • Muru isn't for cookbook medics, we save providers time so they can focus on being clinicians

  • Muru doesn't sell or report any personal data

  • Muru is the official protocol app of New York State, meaning we work directly with all regions to make sure their protocols and data are in Muru

  • If you have any issues you can reach us by

    • live chat on our website (little chat icon, bottom right corner)

    • live chat in app (upper left corner, for menu, then click help)

    • emailing us at


Students should not upgrade their certification level at their agencies. Muru customizes everything to the providers level including medical control badges, dosing, etc. They should only be at the higher level at your agency or where they are doing rotations!

That's all, crisis averted...

Academy & Student Features

Muru is highly customized to each provider. It's how we're able to be so fast. By having your students register at your academy...

  • Students can maintain their current certification at their agency while operating at a higher certification under your academy

  • Students have the full list of medications & equipment vs their tailored agency list

  • Students get access even if they don't have an agency

  • Instructors can see what their students see (ex. paramedic teaching an EMT class)


Muru is free for all providers in NY State. We will be introducing a premium level with an associated cost in the future (TBD in 2022). All accounts are automatically set to the NY State plan, which is covered by the state, this includes academies.

Here's a full feature comparison

Registering Your Academy

In coordination with the state and your region, Muru has created accounts for all course sponsors. If you do not see your academy in Muru you can contact us at and we will coordinate with your region to get you added.

Adding Your Students & Instructors

Both students and instructors can sign up for Muru through our website and clicking, "sign up free".

Your instructors can open the link above on the first day of class so they can view how to sign up. Webpage is

Enter in the zip code where your academy is located and it will come up. We suggest having all providers do this on the first day of class. For those who already have Muru they can add your academy as an additional agency. Also, have them add the agency where they're doing rotations.

  • Any zip code in the county/borough will work

  • Students should select the certification level of the class
    (ex. EMTs in paramedic school should sign up as paramedics)

  • If they don't have a state number yet (ex. in EMT school), they can leave that section blank

  • If they choose the wrong level, they will need to contact us to change it (feature coming out soon where they can do it themselves). You can live chat with someone from our team by clicking on the little chat icon in the bottom right corner on our website or by click on help in the app.

Here is the full signup article.
Below is a video that shows the signup process (including adding an additional agency if they are already signed up).

Video link:

Provider Training

Muru is built so that providers can get some value they moment they open the app. However, there is a lot packed into Muru and we do suggest everyone watch the onboarding video. It's only 6 minutes long and we cover all the major features. Make sure they have the sound on.

Video link:

Setting Up Inventory

We recommend you set up the inventory at your academy before you add your students. Muru prompts all users at your academy to set up the inventory until it is completed. Once it's done, it disappears from view. We suggest you select at least one concentration of every medication and one manufacturer of every piece of equipment, regardless of if you have it at your academy.

Full instructions on managing inventory

A few academy tips...

  • Choose the equipment manufacturer you have them use in training

  • Note the concentrations of meds you pick and when possible don't use those concentrations on exams :-)

Upon Graduation

When students graduate, they can go into their settings and remove your agency from their account. Leaving them with the agencies they are currently active at.

Feedback & Future Development

As the people who focusing on making clinicians and not robotos, we would appreciate any feedback you have on the app. Our goal is to make the best tool possible to so your students can focus on what you taught them. This is not a one and done piece of software, we are constantly making the app better so please, reach out to us at any time. We are happy to do user feedback session, speak with your instructors as a group or anywhere else you think it appropriate. You can reach us at ny time through the live chat or at Thank you for your service and thanks for using Muru!

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