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Which genres do Beatport accept?

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Beatport is an electronic music-oriented online music store that we offer. The shop will not be selectable for distribution, unless a release is categorised within an electronic genre. The main electronic genres that they work with are:

Dance & Electronic (Dance/Techno/Disco):

  1. Disco

  2. Dancepop (Dance/Eurodance/Dancepop)

  3. Techno

    • Techno (Electronic)

    • Detroit Techno

    • Dub Techno

    • Ghetto-Tek

    • Hard Techno

    • Melodic Techno

    • Trance: Acid Trance, Epic Trance, Hard Trance, Tech Trance, Tribal Trance

    • Acid

    • Gabba

    • Progressive Trance

    • Psychedelic Trance

    • Progressive House: ProgNo

    • Progressive Electro House

    • Hard Dance: Nu-NRG

    • Hardcore Techno: Happy Hardcore, Hardcore (Dance)

  4. House

    • House (Electronic)

    • Garage House

    • Vocal House

    • Deep House: Deep House (Electronic)

    • Tech House: Tech House (Electronic), Deep Tech, Acid Tech House

    • Tribal House

    • Electro House

    • Tropical House: Soulful House, Afro House, Future House, G-House, Bass House

    • Moombahton: Juke

  5. 2 Step

    • Dub Step

    • Glitch Hop

    • Bass Music

    • Grime

    • Melbourne Bounce: Complextro

  6. Drum & Bass / Jungle

    • Breakcore

    • Dark Step

    • Electro Step

    • Experimental Drum & Bass

    • Hardstep

    • Intelligent Drum & Bass

    • Jump Up

    • Liquid

    • Old School Jungle

    • Ragga Jungle

    • Techstep / Electrostep

    • Vocal Drum & Bass

    • Drumstep

    • Jungle

  7. Big Beat

  8. Electro/Ambient

    • Electro

    • Ambient

    • Downbeat

    • Chillout

    • Electronica: Experimental/Noise/Industrial, IDM, Indie Electronica, Leftfield

  9. TripHop

  10. Breakbeat

    • Acid Breaks

    • Electro Breaks

    • Funky Breaks

    • Hardcore Breaks

    • Nu Skool

    • Progressive Breaks

    • PsyBreaks

  11. Minimal

  12. Indie Dance / Nu Disco

    • Indie Dance / Nu Disco (Electronic)

    • Indie Dance

    • Nu Disco

    • Electroclash

    • Synthwave

  13. DJ Tools

    • Acapellas

    • Loops

    • Reprise

If you are unsure of what genre to select for your music, check out this Beatport guide with some audio examples which can help you understand better which genres Beatport categorises you in.

Please note that Beatport could catagorise your release/track in a different genre, if they feel that it has been categorised incorrectly. We unfortunately have no control over them changing this. Beatport offer a lot of genres, and we do our best to map all them correctly. However in some rare cases, it may not fit perfectly, and your release/track may be categorised slightly differently to what you had planned

Beatport is also not available to display non western-language characters, your release could be rejected if they are unable to support it.

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