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How Participants Can Join Your Mission

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Once you have created your mission, your participants can start to join.

There are two ways participants can join your mission:

  • By visiting your mission's link (this can be found under the 'admin' tab on your mission page)

  • By being bulk uploaded by the admin

We would recommend allowing a period of time for people to join before you launch the mission.

*Launching means that the time frame will begin counting down, and participants will be able to start adding distances.*

Joining With the Mission's Link

You can use our on-boarding document, which covers the steps that your participants will need to follow to join your mission.

There you can add your mission's link along with details about your mission and share it with your participants.

Participants will be able to join by clicking on the mission's link and following the steps in the document.

*If participants do not have an account they will need to register to MVM first and then join your mission*

โ€‹Auto Join

You can turn on Auto Join so you don't have to manually accept people into the mission. It is wise to set an auto join code, so only people with the code can join.

You can manage your auto join settings under the 'admin' tab on your mission page.

Manual Approval

If you are not using Auto Join, participants will need to be manually approved onto your mission (if they join after launching the mission).

Pending participants can be approved or declined via the 'admin' tab on your mission page.


If you have a team(s) set up prior to on-boarding your participants, each person who joins the mission will be able to select which team to join from a drop down menu, or they can join without choosing a team (you can allocate them to a team later)

Bulk Uploading Participants

Instead of having participants joining individually, you can add them in bulk by creating a CSV file with their details and uploading the file to your mission through the "Admin" tab.

Once uploaded participants will receive an email letting them know they have been added into your mission.

For more information on how to bulk upload participants, please check our specific guide here.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact our support team via email at:

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