Tell your story with a collection of your family's history and photographs to admire for years to come. Ancestry Family History Books connect with your Ancestry account to personalize your very own book with family group sheets, pedigree charts, and history timelines.

Wrap up your book in style with a custom photo cover or a luxe vegan leather cover with an optional gold foil title.


First, create a new project, or open the project you'd like to edit.

You will see the option to change the cover of your book when you are in preview mode. Scroll to the top of the editor, and you will see a box to the left of your book that says CHANGE COVER TYPE. Click on the Leather Black, Leather Tan, and Custom Cover to preview and choose the cover you like best!


Click on the text box you want to edit. This will open a new text box.

Then click on the text box to add, edit, and delete text.

Click on the "Font Size" and "Font Name" boxes to change the font size and style.

To Bold, Italicize, or BoldItalic text, you must select a font type that ends with - Bold, - Italic, - SemiBold, - BoldItalic, or - SemiBoldItalic. There is no bold or italic button like you would find in a word processing program.

Finally, click the "Done" button to save your edits.

Please note that if a red box appears around your text when you are finished, your title is too long and will get cut short.

You can fix this by decreasing the font size of your text or truncating the content until the red box no longer appears.


Click on the cover page to open the page in the editor.

The "Edit" tab below the cover page will also take you to the editor.

Our editor allows you to customize your Family History Book cover with photos, text, and embellishments. For example:

Watch the video below to see one of our team members turn the default photo cover into their own custom design.

To learn more about adding text to your cover page, please look at Editing the Text in Your Family History Project.

To learn more about customizing your cover page with images, please have a look at Editing the Photos in Your Family History Project.

When editing your custom cover, you'll see a pink border around the page. If you hover your mouse over the border, you'll see the message, "Items in the shaded area may be cut off."

Please note that anything in the shaded area may get cut off in production or fall into the bookbinding. We print ordered projects as you've created them, so please be sure to check for typos, correctness, and layout.

Here's information on the bleed zone.

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