The previous version of the MyCanvas website, "Classic MyCanvas", is no longer available due to the retirement of Adobe Flash. However, we did save as many projects as possible that were ordered within the last few years.

To place a reorder, first, make sure you sign into MyCanvas using the "Login with Ancestry" button.

Once signed in, go to your Classic Orders page on your User Profile.

All Classic orders available to be reordered will be listed. Please note, any orders missing from this list cannot be ordered. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Click on Order Details and click the + button to select the quantity you wish to order. Then, click the "Reorder Selected Items" button at the top of the page. Your reorder will go through a checkout page where you can edit the shipping address.

A few things to note:

  • Unfortunately, you cannot edit the content in any Classic item.

  • If an order is listed but says "PDF only" next to it, this means you are unable to order a physical copy of this project, but you can purchase a high-quality digital copy.

  • Any new copies of Family History Books will be slightly different than your original copy. New copies will be about 3/8" smaller which may affect the page content. If your book has a leather cover, the title will be in a different font/placement and the leather material will be different. Additionally, burgundy leather has been discontinued. Books previously ordered with burgundy leather covers will be printed with a tan leather cover as seen on

If you wish to order a Family History Calendar using the same events from previous years, please go to and begin a new project. You will be able to pull events from previous calendar orders using the "MyCanvas Classic" tab. Note: Events will be an exact copy of the previous order and any ages will need to be updated to reflect the current year.

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