Regenerating Pages

Update an existing page in your book with new data from your Ancestry tree.

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Your Family History Book project is not automatically updated with new data added to Ancestry, so we recommend creating your book once you’re satisfied with the completion of your Ancestry tree. However, if you need to refresh the data in your book for an individual from time to time, keep reading to find out how.

In the book preview, locate the page(s) that should list new or updated information from your Ancestry tree. Click on the page to open it in the editor.

In the editor, click the Regenerate Page button in the top toolbar.

Note: any customizations to this page will be erased. Click 'Confirm' to proceed.

After regenerating, if the page has remained the same/does not include the new data from Ancestry, please reach out to our team, so we can further assist.

Keep in mind that timeline pages list one event per decade, so they may not display all events on Ancestry after regenerating. You are welcome to delete any unwanted timeline events or manually add more events that were not transferred from Ancestry. The easiest way to add more events would be to duplicate or copy and paste the line and text box from an existing event on the timeline page. Then, copy the event from Ancestry and paste it into the duplicated text box. Finally, click and drag the line and event to where it should be on the timeline. For more information on text editing, see: Adding and Editing Text in Your Family History Project.

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