Learn all about text editing! Watch the following video tutorials or keep scrolling for written instructions on customizing the text on your Book, Poster, or Calendar projects.


First, create a new project, or open the project you'd like to edit.

If you're working on a book or calendar, click on the page you wish to edit to enter edit mode.

The "Edit" tab below the book pages will also take you to the editor.

You'll have edit access immediately if you're working on a poster.


To add text to an existing blank text box, double-click the '+ sign' for the placeholder you want to fill. You will see a flashing cursor which means you can edit or add the text in the box. You can type new or paste in copied text from another source.

Please note that the text box will expand automatically as you add text. However, if you want the text box to be more or less wide, you must expand it manually.


Choose the text tab on the left-hand side to add a new text box to your project. You'll see a list of styles - and you can choose which type is right for your needs.

Once you've selected the style of a text box you'd like to use, the box will pop up in the middle of the page with the filler text and a flashing cursor. You can begin typing the filler text to replace it with your custom text. You can type new text or paste in copied text from another source. Then click off the text box to save your edits.

Once you're done editing the text, you can click on the box to resize, rotate, and move the text box as needed. You may also adjust font styles and sizes.


1. Click on the text box you want to expand.
2. Position your cursor over the top of one of the white boxes until it turns into a double-sided arrow.
3. Hold the left-click button on your mouse and drag in or out to increase or decrease the text box's width.


1. Click on the text box you want to rotate. You'll see a blue box with white squares around the box.
2. Position your cursor over the top of the square above the box until it becomes a plus sign.
3. Hold the left-click button on your mouse and drag counterclockwise or clockwise to rotate.


1. Hold the left-click button on the text box you want to reposition.
2. While holding the left-click button, drag the mouse to where you want the text box placed on the project.

If you'd prefer, you can also move the text box around by selecting it, then using the arrow keys on your keyboard. This is great for smaller movements.

To position a text box on top or beneath a photo or embellishment, use the Position tool in the top-right toolbar to change the layering. Selecting "To forward" will position your text box on top of any other photo or text element on the poster.


Align the text, change the color of the text, and change font type and size using the tools in the top-left toolbar.

First, select the text box you want to apply those options to.

To Bold, Italicize, or BoldItalic text, you must select a font type that ends with - Bold, - Italic, - SemiBold, - BoldItalic, or - SemiBoldItalic. There is no bold or italic button like you would find in a word processing program.

To increase or decrease the font size, use your mouse to click the arrow keys to the right of the number box.

To change the font color, click the 'A' icon and select a color from the pre-determined choices. Or use your mouse to click and move the color faders to customize a color from the color menu.

Finally, click the left, center, or right alignment icons on the top white toolbar to align your content.


Duplicating a text box is great if you want to copy a style and change the information. To duplicate, begin by selecting the text you want to copy. Then select the "Duplicate Elements" icon on the top white toolbar.

Once you've selected the duplicate elements button, you will see that a copy of your text box has been created. You may resize, edit, and move the text box as needed.


1. Click on the text box you want to remove. You'll see a blue box around the text you'll be deleting.
2. Click the trash can icon in the top white toolbar, or hit the delete button on your keyboard.

If you accidentally delete something, you may use the 'Undo' button in the top white toolbar immediately after deleting it. It will bring the element back to your project. Please be sure to undo instantly, as once you've moved on to something else, you won't be able to undo it anymore.

When editing your Family History Book, you'll see a pink border around each page. If you hover your mouse over the border, you'll see the message, "Items in the shaded area may be cut off."

You can add text, photos, and embellishments to the edges of the page, but please note that anything in the shaded area may get cut off in production or fall into the bookbinding. We print ordered projects as you've created them, so please check for typos, correctness, and layout.

Here's more information on the bleed zone.

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