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Fixing Text Overlap in the Family Group Sheet
Fixing Text Overlap in the Family Group Sheet

A quick and easy way to adjust overlapping text in your Family History Book.

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Often the easiest (and fastest) way to fix text overlap in the charts is to decrease the font size.

Here is an example of a chart with many overlapping text boxes:

In the editor, you can drag your cursor over multiple text boxes to select them. In the below photo, I dragged my cursor over the entire BIRTH column to select all the text in that column.

Tip: In the editor, you can select multiple text boxes and other elements by holding the Windows key on your PC (or the Command key on Mac) while clicking.

Now that I've selected all overlapping text boxes, I will decrease the font size by one point by clicking the down arrow next to the font size. This is typically enough to fix the overlap.

The font size for the selected text boxes has been changed from 8 to 7.

Below is what the chart looks like after the font size change - no more overlap!

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