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What's available and how to change your profile information in Logiwa.

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From the My Profile page, you can edit the name of the owner of the account, the account password, and user preferences. Please note that this profile section is only for the owner of the account. Users and Clients are managed from their respective pages.

My Profile

  • To make profile changes, click on the User icon in the top right of the screen, then select My Profile.

  • You'll be taken to the My Profile section. Here, you can see the following fields:

    • Display name: Read-only field showing your first and last name as they are written below. This is the name you'll be shown with in the system.

    • First name*: Your given name, used first in your display name.

    • Last name*: Your family name, used second in your display name.

    • Email*: Your email associated with this account. Used to sign in.

    • Language*: The default language for this account.

  • Once you've made the necessary changes, select Update My Profile to save your changes.

Change Password

  • To update your password, you will first enter your old password.

  • Next, enter your new password, then reenter it to confirm.

    • A password must contain the following:

      • 6 characters

      • No blank spaces

      • At least 1 number

      • At least 1 uppercase letter

      • At least 1 lowercase letter

      • At least 1 special character, including: @$!%*?&_)(+-=!":.<>

  • Click the Eye icon if you need to check the spelling of the password in any field.

  • Once the new passwords match, the Change Password button will become active. Select it to continue.

  • You will not be logged out upon changing your password, but you will need to login again in other locations you were logged in.


This is where you can change your default language and how numbers are shown in the system.

You can also view the time zone, date format, and time format, but you cannot change these here, as they are pulled directly from your computer's settings.

  • To change your default language, select from the Language drop down.

  • To change whether the thousands places for numbers are separated by decimal or comma, select one of the options from the Number Format field.

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