Listings of a product are varieties of the product across the sales channels. You may sell a product with different details on sales channels. MyLogiwa enables you to see all listings of a product.

How MyLogiwa creates listing for a product?

We match products based on their SKU across the channels. If products on sales channels have the same SKU number, we link them together and create listings.

If you have the same SKU numbers within one sales channel, the process is the same. We create only one product with reference to the SKU, and create listings for others.

Listings have no inventory

Unlike the products in your MyLogiwa inventory, listings do not represent the products you sell. Listings are varieties for the physical products you sell.

Thus, you can have many listings across all of your sales channels for one single product, but the product will have one stock quantity.

How to add listings to MyLogiwa

There is 1 way to add listings in MyLogiwa. When you integrate with your sales channels, we'll create listings automatically.

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