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Updating of Credit/ Debit card details
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It's important to keep your credit/debit card details up to date, especially if your card is about to expire or has already expired. MyRepublic needs your latest card details to ensure seamless transactions and to avoid any rejections by the bank.

You'll receive a reminder email from MyRepublic before your card's expiry date, or if your card has already expired, to prompt you to update your details.

Please note that you need to update card details individually for each Mobile/Fibre account you have with MyRepublic. This step is crucial to maintain uninterrupted service for each of your accounts.


  1. Updating of Card details via Mobile App

  2. Updating of Card details via Fibre MyAccount

  3. Updating of Card details via Mobile MyAccount

  4. Frequently Asked Questions

  5. Guide on setting up credit card details

How to update my card details?

1. Via MyRepublic Mobile App

Not sure where to download our mobile app? Click here to find out more.

1. Select the account option


icon at the bottom of the page

2. Select "Update Credit Card" to continue


Description: The image above displays "Update Credit Card" page on the Mobile App.

3. For 4G Mobile ,you will need to log into MyRepublic Mobile Account with the same ones used to access MyRepublic App.


Description: The image above displays the login in page on the Mobile App.

4. Select “Menu” at the top of your screen, followed by "Payment Settings"

5. Click on "Edit card" to update your credit card details.

For 5G Mobile ,you will need to select the payment method and update the credit card details


Description: The image above displays the page on the Mobile App where the customer can update their credit card details.

6. If you have an outstanding balance, you may process payment via Mobile App , by clicking Billing icon

and "Pay Now".


Description: The image above displays "Pay Now" page on the Mobile App.

2. Via MyAccount [Available for 4G Mobile & Broadband service only]

If you wish to change/ add your payment method to another credit/ debit card, you may log in to MyAccount to change it. Do take note that we only accept Visa, Master, and AMEX cards.

For Fibre MyAccount: Under the section “Payment Information”, you can select "Credit / Debit Card" to enter your new card payment details.


Description: The image above displays "Payment Information" page on Fibre MyAccount.

For Mobile MyAccount: Under the section “Payment Settings”, you can add or edit your card info.


Description: The image above displays "Payment Settings" page on Mobile MyAccount.

A One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone number and enter the OTP when the pop up screen appears.


Description: The image above displays the page where the OTP will have to be keyed in to proceed with the credit card update.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My physical card is not expiring yet, why MyRepublic is asking me to update my credit card?

Based on our record, your credit card details may have expired or expiring hence we would need your assistance to update your card details to avoid any rejection by the bank.

2. If my card has expired, why MyRepublic is able to still deduct from my card?

Whilst we may be able to still submit the payment request to the bank, your bank may reject our payment request as the card details are not accurate. To avoid any service disruption due to non-payment, we recommend you to update your latest card details with us. Click here to see how you can update your card details.

You can click on the video to guide you in setting up your credit card details.


Description: The above shows the guide video in setting up your credit card details via Mobile App.

If you have any further questions or need help, you can chat with us online:

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