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Residential Broadband: Transfer of Ownership
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You may choose to transfer your current broadband contract to another person who is at least 18 years old at the point of transfer, however, it is accepted on a case-by-case basis (See acceptable scenario below).


  • No Outstanding Payments: Both the current and future account holder must have all invoices settled with MyRepublic.

  • Age and Eligibility of Transferee: The new account holder must be at least 18 years old and meet the eligibility criteria for MyRepublic services, which may include a deposit and providing valid documentation.

  • Consistent Service Address: The transfer can only proceed if the service address remains unchanged. For transferring service to a new owner at a different location, the transfer of service must be completed first.

  • Approved Scenarios: Transfers are subject to specific approved scenarios by MyRepublic, and supporting documents are required for these cases.

Note: If you currently have a TVB Anywhere+ premium subscription through MyRepublic, please note that the account will be deactivated during the transfer process. Once the service has been successfully transferred, the new owner (transferee) may opt to subscribe to the TVB Anywhere+ Premium VAS through MyAccount.

Acceptable Scenarios

Supporting Documents Required

One-Time Charge

Incident of death

Death Cert



Bankruptcy Letter


Imprisonment Notice


Divorce Paper

$20.37 processing fee will be imposed to transferee's next bill

Relocation to overseas

Relocation letter from HR with the company letterhead

Moving out & transfer to a family member/ housemate staying in the house*

Tenancy agreement/ Proof of billing address (see example here)*

💡 Please be aware that for Singaporean customers, the address on the transferee’s NRIC must correspond with the service address.

Initiating Your Service Transfer: Submission Guidelines

To submit your transfer request, please email the required documents to The processing time is approximately 7 working days. Upon successful transfer, the transferee will be notified via SMS and email.

Required documents include:

  • Completed transfer application form.

  • Identification card copies (front and back) for both the transferor and transferee

  • Proof of the transferee's billing address, if applicable

  • Any supporting documents mentioned previously

Ensure all documents are complete and clear to facilitate a smooth processing.

  1. Your transfer application form (you can find a copy of the form here) &

  2. Identification card for both transferor and transferee (front and back) &

  3. Transferee's proof of billing address (if any) &

  4. Supporting document as per stated above.

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