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Trev + Figured Integration
Important information about the Figured integration
Important information about the Figured integration

What you should know before getting started.

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Sync your farm and financial data for top-notch decision making. Integrating Trev and Figured aligns your operational and financial data to save time, reduce pain and increase your confidence in your records.

A few housekeeping matters about the Trev + Figured Integration before we get started:

What data is shared through the Trev + Figured integration?

The Trev + Figured integration enables the transmission of livestock data from Trev to Figured.

In this instance, livestock data refers to:

  • Opening livestock numbers as calculated for the “sync from” date

  • All livestock events with a date on or after the “sync from” date including Natural Increase, Purchase, Sold, Culls, Pet Foods, Deaths, Missing, Found, Lease In, Lease Out, Transfer In, Transfer Out, Class Change In, Class Change Out.

Who can create and maintain the Trev + Figured integration?

Any Trev user can establish a connection to their Figured account, but a user must have Full Access or Authorised access in Trev to connect a farm to a Figured organisation. Whichever Full Access or Authorised access level user initiates this Trev + Figured mapping will become the “owner” of this connection, and only this user can remove this connection.

The connection settings for a farm that is mapped to Figured can be updated by any user with Full Access or Authorised access to that farm in Trev.

Once a farm is mapped to Figured any user with sufficient access to create or edit data in Trev (Full Access, Authorised, Editor and Reporter) can alter the data that is pushed through to Figured. Please refer to the notes below regarding manual vs. auto-sync transmission options.

How will your Trev data be shared?

Your Trev data will be transmitted via secure API to Figured. This data will load into a read-only Livestock Tracker within your nominated Figured Organisation, and if you are a multi-farm operation within your specified farm of that Figured Organisation.

There are two options on how to transmit your Trev data. You can either choose to manually review your data prior to transmission or you can opt to have your data automatically transfer via the ‘auto-sync’ feature.

If you choose to transfer Trev data via ‘auto-sync’ there is no opportunity for manual review. This also means that any Trev user with sufficient access to create and edit livestock events (Full Access, Authorised, Editor and Reporter) will as a result automatically update the Livestock Tracker data in Figured for a particular farm.

You can find more information about the integration here.

Trev + Figured Integration Fineprint

It is important to note that any use of the Trev + Figured integration is subject to both Trev and Figured’s Service Terms and, for the avoidance of doubt, any data transmitted to Figured is subject to the Figured terms (including terms pertaining to Ownership of Data).

The respective Trev and Figured general Terms and Conditions can be found here:

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