Getting Started Checklist
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Before you get started, here’s a checklist of things you’ll need to cover off:

  • Make sure you’re all set up with a Trev account:

    • You have an active Trev login and can access

    • You have Full Access or Authorised access to any farms you wish to connect to Figured. You can check your farm access levels here.

    • The farm you want to connect with Figured has a Trev Pro subscription.

  • Make sure you’re all set up with Xero & Figured:

    • You have an active Figured login

    • Your Figured login is associated with the farm (and, if relevant, any farms within a multi-farm) that you wish to connect with Trev. Click here for information on multi-farm setup in Figured if required.

    • Your Figured Farm(s) are connected to a Xero account. Click here for information to connect Xero and Figured.

    • Your Chart of Accounts is set up in Xero and synchronised with Figured. Click here for information on how to ensure your Xero Chart of Accounts is synchronised with Figured.

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