How do inter-farm transfers work?
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Livestock transfers are sent to Figured by synchronising a “Transfer Out” event in Trev which creates both the Transfer Out and reciprocal (equal but opposite) Transfer In events in Figured. This means that if you have a Transfer In event on a farm it will sit in a Pending state until the reciprocal Transfer Out event has been synchronised in the Manage Data screen for the other farm.

Trev will only allow a “reconciled” transfer event to be synchronised, i.e. only transfer events where the details have been confirmed and agreed by both farms. This means that a livestock transfer will not be able to synchronised in any of the following circumstances:

  • A transfer has been created by one farm and yet to be confirmed by the other farm.

  • The two farms involved in the transfer do not agree on details (date, livestock class or number of animals).

  • If one of the farms has not been connected to a Figured farm.

  • If the farms have been connected to a different Figured farm (must be a transfer within the same Figured farm or multi-farm).

Click here for more information on Sync Status.

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