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Article Publication Guidelines
Article Publication Guidelines
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Looking for more information about our guidelines? Look no further; you've come to the right place! This article provides all the information you need, ensuring a seamless publication experience from start to finish.

We strongly encourage all our clients to thoroughly review the editing and publication guidelines provided by our publishing partners.

Important Information You Need To Know

Standardized Article Format:

Content Requirements

Image Requirements

Hyperlink Requirements

  • Minimum Word Count: 500 words

  • Maximum Word Count: 1,000 words

  • Writing style: Third person

  • Quality: High-resolution

  • Layout: Horizontal

  • Dimensions: 1200x600 pixels

  • No empty or solid background space

  • A maximum of four images is allowed per article.

  • AI-generated images are NOT ALLOWED.

  • For more information about our Image Guidelines, click here.

  • A maximum of four hyperlinks is allowed per article.

  • Clients must insert links to article drafts.


Photo Credits:

All submitted images must have complete photo credits according to our publishing partner's guidelines.

  • Acceptable photo credit formats include:

    • Client name

    • The subject of the photo

    • PR firm name (if applicable)

    • Photographer/photography studio name

  • Important: When photographer/photography studio names are included, our editorial team will verify potential copyright concerns.

Photo Licensing:

  • Submitted photos must be licensable for use in distribution and promotional content by the publications. For more information about the use of stock images in article drafts, click here.

  • We offer access to a library of licensed stock photos through Unsplash. You can browse and select an image directly from Unsplash and simply insert the image link into your intake form.

Unacceptable Article Topics:

The following topics are not acceptable for publication:

  • Politically charged content

  • Satirical or slanderous articles

  • Listicles mentioning multiple entities

  • Content prohibited by social media sites

  • Pornography-related articles

  • Explicit content

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Unverified Pharma/Pharmaceutical-related articles (Unverified with therapeutic/medicinal claims)

  • Gambling, including online betting and gambling sites

  • Offers about moneymaking opportunities (Moneymaking schemes)

  • Offers to purchase specific stocks/trading platforms

  • Unverified information after fact-checking

  • Mention of illegal/recreational drugs, CBD and CBD derivatives

  • Intensive call to action statements (Advertising is okay)

  • Individuals with lawsuits or pending cases

  • Potential malice towards individuals, entities, or companies

  • Offers Services that violate a third party's terms of use. (Buying Social Media Likes, Copyright Infringement, Privacy Policy Issues, Fake Gift Cards, etc)

  • Immigration advice, FAQs, interviews, and/or guides

  • Gray areas within regulations, terms, and conditions

Turnaround Time:

How Long Does It Take to Publish an Article?

The turnaround time for article orders depends solely on the plan and any add-ons to which you are subscribed.

Subscription Plans and Add-ons:

  • Base Plans: The turnaround time for these types of plans is 3-5 business days (excluding weekends). Additionally, please note that turnaround times on subscriptions without a Priority Publishing Guarantee are subject to change depending on the workload given to our teams.

  • Priority Publishing Add-on: This add-on grants you access to priority publishing 24 hours after approval. NOTE: Some plans are pre-built with priority publishing, with no need to purchase an add-on.

When Does the Timer Start on Turnaround Time?

The timer for your turnaround time starts when our Editors and Image Review Team forwards your draft to our Publishing Team. This occurs once they have ensured that the content aligns with our publishing partners' guidelines and is eligible for publication. It's important to note that the timer does not begin while we await your approval regarding any changes made to your article draft.

Published Article Edits:

We accept minor post-publishing edits to correct typos, punctuation mistakes, or formatting issues.

Major edits, such as article rewrites, paragraph-length edits, and backdating an order by more than a week, are not entertained once an article has been published.

For more information about requesting an edit on a published order, click here.

Note: Our editorial team reserves the right to deny or reject content that does not adhere to our publishing partner's guidelines.

If you need support or have any questions, feel free to submit a ticket or contact

Happy publishing!

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