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This article is your guide to reaching Nexar support for any questions, concerns, or assistance you may need with the Nexar app or Nexar dash cam. You can contact our Support team a few different ways. In-app and Help Center chat are the quickest ways to speak to our team. See below for all your options.

In-App Live Chat

In-app live chat is available for any Nexar driver who has successfully onboarded their dash cam.

  1. Open the Nexar App on your device.

  2. Head to More.

  3. Tap Help and tap Contact Us to launch our in-app live chat.

Live Chat Messenger in Our Help Center

Live chat messenger is most suitable for users who have not yet made a purchase, have not received their dash cam yet or have not onboarded their dash cam.

  1. Look for the messenger widget located at the bottom right corner of every page here in our Help Center

  2. Click on the widget to start a live chat with our support team


You can also contact our support team at

If you are a business owner who signed up for Nexar Fleets, you can reach out through your Fleets Dashboard or send an email to

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