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Playlist Website Widget Troubleshooting
Playlist Website Widget Troubleshooting

How to correct issues that might come up with your Website Widget

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Once you have your Playlist widget published on your website you'll want to keep it running smoothly. Most issues will be corrected by simply refreshing the connection to your stream.

Stream Updates: On the App Settings tab > Station Settings > Click the refresh symbol to reconnect to an existing URL, or click to Delete. Add a new stream URL in the line below and click the arrow to submit. Please ensure you have a stream listed for your app at all times to avoid dead air.

If that doesn't help, look for your issue below:

If your widget just appears as an empty box on your site:
Chances are that your site requires HTTPS you will need to make a small modification to the text in the code of the iFrame for the widget.

In your site editing tool of choice, load the code of the widget and look for the URL embedded in the code. You will see that it begins with "http" - example:

Please update this to include HTTPS:

Republish your site and the widget should function correctly.

If your widget appears, but is cut off by the frame:

Update the height of the frame as needed by adjust in the code of your widget:

<iframe id="nobexWidget_forms"  scrolling="no" height="380" src="" marginheight= "0" marginwidth= "0" > </iframe>

Change to:
<iframe id="nobexWidget_forms"  scrolling="no" height="450" src="" marginheight= "0" marginwidth= "0" > </iframe>

Alternatively, you can update to "scrolling="yes"", but it will look cleaner if you adjust the height of the iFrame.

Republish your site and the widget should function correctly.

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