There can be a few issues that crop up when setting up your Program schedule. So let's make sure we can correct them and get everything working flawlessly!

Not Seeing Graphics

Are you seeing your station logo instead of the graphics you selected for your show? You need to make sure that the images you've uploaded match the required dimensions.

Thumbnails: 320w x 273h pixels
Main Image: 734w x 417h pixels

Show Times Not Working Correctly

To make sure your show times appear correctly, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • When adding times, use 24hr format. Also, show times should finish at just before the hour if your next show starts on the hour. Eg. 9:00-10:59 and 11:00-11:59.
  • If you have a show that runs through the night you will need two entries. One for the night when it starts right up until 23:59 and one for the following day from 00:00 until the time the show finishes. 

Following these guidelines will also prevent show remind messages from triggering at the wrong time. 

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